Ring That Can Transform Body Heat To Electrical Energy


Ring That Can Transform Body Heat To Electrical Energy

Are you ready to change future lifestyle? How much your lifestyle would change in next 10 years? See all of we know that, this decade is the decade of information technology, digital transformation, internet of things, artificial intelligence etc. but if we discuss next 50 years, our life will completely change. This is because advancement in the field of internet of things, telecommunications, virtual reality, augmented reality will dominate our standard of living completely and in this revolution scientists and engineers across the world are putting their efforts.


A team of scientists at the University of Colorado has designed a special ring capable of transforming body heat into electricity. Here we would like to clarify that we are not talking about pseudo-scientific spirit force. We are talking about body heat i.e. the heat that our body develops to survive and to carry out vital functions.


A very large amount of this wasted because it is disposed of by body through skin perspiration and heat. Scientists conceived the idea to use this wasted heat energy. One can say that it is a real concentration of wearable technology. The leading actor behind the technology is TEG (Thermo Electric Generator). TEGs are excellent candidate for powering wearable electronics and the internet of things due to their capability of directly converting heat to electrical energy.



Ring That Transform Heat Energy Into Electrical Energy : Can Power Smartwatch

Ring uses a high performance wearable performance wearable TEG with superior stretch-ability, self heal-ability, recyclability and LEGO like re-configurability and in this by combining modular thermo electric chip, dynamics covalent polyamine and flow-able liquid metal electrical wiring in a mechanical architecture designing of “soft motherboard” plug-in module, a record high open circuit voltage among flexible TEGs is achieved, reaching 1 V/cm2 at temp difference of 95 K. i.e. 1 unit area of skin. TEG is use in ring is integrated with wavelength selective Meta materials film on cold side, leading to greatly improved device performance under irradiation which is critically important for wearable energy harvesting during outdoor activities. 


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