Cloud Computing : Everything You Need To Know

What is Cloud Computing?

Whenever we hear about cloud computing many questions intrigues our mind like what is cloud computing, how to use it, is there something in cloud which resembles like a computer system, what are its advantages, where does this technology comes from?



First we shall see why the name “cloud computing” comes into existence for this technology. There is nothing in sky, it is all clear. We named this technology as cloud computing because it resembles in structure like cloud. We know that cloud is made up of water vapor whose structure is not well defined. It can move here and there, may be present for some time or not at all. Similarly the cloud computing technology is made from different networks and users. Users may be fixed or not but the technology will always be present for its services as cloud rains anytime. 

Cloud computing in real life

Suppose you have a computer system in your home and you do normal work with this computer like your assignments, games, movies, stores data etc. you can do these tasks easily with your current computer system. Now suppose you have to play a high-end game or you have store a huge amount of data or you want to use some software which are not installed on your computer and you have to pay premium for usage. In this case one possibility is that you will buy an advance computer with the software that needs license for its use. Overall you will make a new set-up for your personal use. Second possible solution is that with the help of high speed internet. If you have speed internet then it will be beneficial to use advance system of service provider on rent. In this deal you can access the advance system and with help of internet you can do your work on your system. Same concept is used in cloud computing. Cloud computing is not only for storage, people thinks that cloud computing is used to data in clouds as we see names like Google drive, drop box, one drive etc. but is more than storage here services are provided to you. Many companies are dependent on cloud computing. Let there is a company in which thousands of  employees are working, then there will be data of the employees plus data of company or the software that they use of service that they provide. In this case, to maintain all these data, company has to establish a dedicated unit for this purpose. But if company deals with cloud computing service provider, there are many companies which provides this services, to provide this facility. It will cost negotiable to the firms and it will also be helpful in case number of employees’ increases in that company or some other data. Simply you can scale up storage size as per your need sometime it will be 100 GB or sometime 10 GB, depends on your job. But if want to do physically in your business, school or firm it will cost more to you.

Cloud computing is win-win situation for the user as well as for service provider. Suppose I maintained a facility of 10000 GB in my house and I made a announcement in my locality that register 500 GB storage with nominal charges and I will made a arrangement through internet that you can easily access this storage and I will make it secure with encryptions and advance security systems. At any time with help of internet you can access data through your mobile for laptop anytime anywhere.
Cloud Computing Service Providers.

What I discuss above is basically idea of cloud computing. Online gaming are more popular through cloud computing, you can play high end game with this technology. In this case you don’t need an advance computer you need only high speed internet. If you have high speed internet then you play online game or use Photoshop it doesn’t matter. All the services like MS word, Excel, storage which is easily available at a platform and you need not to stay at place physically i.e. use laptop or tablet or mobile anywhere anytime. You can access your data with password and user id.

Now I think you get the idea that what is cloud computing. Lot of companies and providers provide this service. It may vary in fields and plans. With some premium you can take this service according to your need. If I choose Google drive and I store a data of 100 GB then it will be responsibility of Google to secure my data.

Google photos are a cloud based services by Google, one drive by Microsoft etc. In future  the demand for cloud computing will be more. 
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