Smart Phone Processors - Qualcomm Vs. Samsung Vs Media Tek Vs. Nvidia

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There are four major companies which are involved in manufacturing of microprocessors for smart phones. These companies are “Qualcomm”, “Media Tek”, “Samsung” and “Nvidia”. The architect to make these processors is provided by a company named “Arm” through license. The main features which are generally noticed by a customer while buying a new smart phone are its battery capacity, heat generation during usage  or charging and third one which is most important, whether the phone will hang or not. The trio features mentioned above is linked miscellaneously with type of processor used in that smart phone. Whenever we compare two or more phones we generally notice whether the phone is dual core, octa core or quad core and what is its speed in GHz. There is a mindset in human nature naturally that the quantity which has more magnitude or strength or numbers the better will be the product. This concludes octa core processor is better than quad core and quad core is better than dual core and by mistake without proper knowledge we choose wrong processor phone.

Whenever we compare processors four most important features that should be kept in mind which are discussed below. Without knowing the difference between these four features one cannot take right decision to choose appropriate processor. Other than these four features there are many technical criteria to choose right smart phone. These four features are:
1. Architecture: As mentioned above company “Arm” provides licensed architecture to manufacture processor to companies mentioned above. The design for architecture are being advanced day by day like cortex A5, A9, A7, A11, A15 and so on. If you want to understand briefly that what it means in numbers given, simply greater the number better the product so cortex A15 is better than cortex A11. If one wants to know deeply, he/she can approach advanced study on this topic.
Smart Phone Processors
2. Technology: One of the most important features which are not considered during selection of a smart phone should be noticed to choose processor is its technology. By technology it means which type of technology is used to manufacture that processor. There and millions of transistors fabricated in a processor. It is worthy to note that the smallest the transistor the better will be the processor, this will leads to less consumption of battery or battery life will be more. Processor manufacturing companies modifies the architecture as per their needs by their advanced technology with arising needs. Among processor companies Samsung is ranked one in manufacturing the smallest transistor with size 14 nanometer, Qualcomm with 20 nanometer and Media tek is manufacturing around 26 or 24 nanometers. The smaller the size of transistor better will be the speed and its efficiency.

    3. Cores: Third property to notice is “Core”, to understand the concept of core one can imagine that number of units (can be imagined as number of member to work or process a command) within the processor to process a command, means more the number of cores the fast will the processing. Hence heat generation during the processing will be less. By default octa core processor will be better than quad core processor, but octa core processor will be better than the quad core processor if and only if the architecture and the processing will be the same for duo. Otherwise one cannot find out which processor is better. You cannot distinguish between the processors without this feature.
   4. Frequency (GHz): Every processor whether it belongs to computer or a smart phone GHz i.e. frequency comes in action. Every processor is mentioned with some numbers in GHz like 1.5 GHz or 2 GHz, what does it all mean? There is a synchronized clock within the processor with the help of which processor process a command. One GHz means that the processor will process 100000000 commands in one second. It will depend on type processor that which work it will do in one second. It may be 10 commands or 100 commands or a single command which constitutes about 1000 commands etc.

    Conclusion :
Whenever you are going to compare smart phone processors, the features which are mentioned above should be analyzed carefully in order get reliable smartphone. First notice the architecture whether it cortex A7 or A53, second thing to notice is its technology whether the processor is fabricated with 14 nm or 24 nm technology, the smallest the technology used better will be the processor and better will be the battery life. Third property to notice is number of cores, more the number of cores better will be the processor, subjected to the condition that property number one and two should be the same for given processors. Fourth property to notice is the frequency. The greater the frequency better will be the processor, again subjected to condition that previously mentioned three features should be the same.

I hope next time when you will go to buy a new phone you will not be confused to choose which processor is to be chosen. 



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