Which processcor is best for computer CPU i3 vs i5 vs i7 vs i9?

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Whenever we go for a laptop or computer or in case we are assembling a PC, always there is a question which arise in our mind, that which processor should be used i3, i5 or i7 now i9 is also in race. So continue to read to get your answer.


Slot for Processor
Whenever we talk about
computers/laptops processors like i3 or i5 or i7 always  roams in our mind, then we think about generation of processor i.e. fourth generation or fifth generation etc.

First if we talk about generation of a processor simply it will tell about the technology that the company used to manufacture that processor. A normal processor is made up of around billions of small transistor and every year Intel tells about the size of that transistor used in processor by means "generation", smaller the transistor more it will be efficient, less consumption of power. Latest size that Intel used to fabricate their processors is 14 nano-meter. Some years back it was about 20 nano-meter and 150 nano-meter etc if go many years back. If someone questions which processor is better between fourth generation or fifth generation then no doubt obviously fifth generation will win. 

What are i3, i5 or i7?

In normal consumer market Intel has divided there processors in three ways, out of which Intel i3 is very basic. Here I will not discuss about Pentium and other processors. Intel i3 is available in dual core whether it belongs to laptop or desktop. Hyper_threading is enabled in this processor it means operating system will takes it as quad core. There are many models of i3 processor in market like 4130, 4220 etc. What does it means? It simply tells that as the model varies clock speed/frequency of processor varies like 2.3 GHz or 2.20 GHz. Beside this there is cache memory which is very small in size around 2MB or 8 MB etc., if we compare it with our hard disk, the size of cache memory increases with model numbers or in latest processors. 

What is meant by cache memory? I will tell you this in other blog. Here thing to remember is that more the size of cache memory. It will be better for us.

When to choose i3 or i5 or i7?

If you want to use your computer normally or even if you play some light games then i3 is enough for this purpose and you should not opt for processor i5 or i7. For these types of cases i3 is the best option.

Now in i5 two variants are available in this category called dual core which is used in laptops the processors used in desktop or big computers are called quad core. Hyper_threading is not enabled in case of desktop version while it is enabled in laptop versions, means operating system will take is as quad core moreover cache memory will be large. This processor should be used when someone is fond of gaming, Photoshop’s or if you are using 3D graphics or designing software etc. 

Processor i7 is the best processor of Intel. This processor is the best for consumer market. Three variants are available in i7 namely quad core, dual core and octa core. Laptops can be available in dual core or quad core while desktop may be available in octacore or quad core. Also cache memory is better in i7 while comparing with i3 or i5. Cache memory may go up-to 8 MB. Processor i7 will be good when you are dealing high end works like in audio video processing. Or if someone is using it for heavy gaming's.

Now what is overclocking?

Overclocking simply means you are increasing speed of your processor at your own will i.e. you are increasing processors frequency. For example from 3.50 GHz to 3.80 GHz etc. This cannot be done with every processor. Intel has uniquely categorized its processors. Any processor ending with K like 4790K, it means if you have compatible motherboard then you can change frequency of processor. You can increase this frequency until you get stability. Overclocking doesn’t mean you can change speed of 2 GHz to 8 GHz. 

Generation identification.

Identification of processors in case of Intel is very simple you have to see just it first number for example in 4770 and 5770 look at first digit which are 4 and 5 so 4770 is a fourth generation processor while 5770 is fifth generation processor. It will be better for you to also notice the generation of the processor in order to get desired features.

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