Dark Web : Other Face of Internet


There are two types of internet first one which is accessed by the normal public like you and me called surface web and the second one which is accessed by hackers called the dark web. There is also a web called the deep web. In brief what are surface web, dark web, and deep web?

First of the entire web which is accessed by us also called the world wide web, is divided into three categories. The first one is the surface web which is used by normal people; this category constitutes about 4% of the entire internet. The second one is the deep web and the third one is the dark web. In the name of the dark web you will be daunted, you will be forced not to access the dark web and I think even many people even don’t know how to access the dark web.

Dark Web : Other face of internet

All the information that is easily available on the internet and which can be easily accessed by search engines like Google or Yahoo is called the surface web. On this web, we can easily visit the website for our purpose. The deep web is web of certain links that are not present on Google or friendly search engines like banking sites, military sites, etc. These webs are made in such a way that everyone cannot access the URL, these links are known to some specific persons of that network. In this web Google is not permitted to index search, to access the deep web you will need a user id and password. These links are hidden to the normal public. There are many banking sites which hide URL for security purpose. The third type of web is the dark web which is interesting in itself. The dark web cannot be accessed by browser or ISP means internet connection which is available to us. You can access the dark web through your ISP connections with some technology, algorithms, and encryption. Websites of dark web cannot be accessed through Google, Yahoo or UC browsers.

You may say the internet has two divisions one division is the surface web and second division is the deep web. A deep web means you can access the website only if you have the link. The dark web is a subset of the deep web means in the hierarchy of deep web dark web is present. These links are available on the deep web but you cannot open links using a normal browser, these links need a special kind of browser called Tor. An open-source community was made whose main objective was to provide access to all websites without losing your privacy, VPN or virtual private network is used for this purpose due to VPN our govt. or internet service providers cannot track which websites are being accessed by us. But the company from which we are taking service of VPN knows what we are accessing. In onion routing there are multiple VPNs used for net surfing. Suppose you have to open google.com, if I am surfing through Tor then google.com will pass through multiple VPNs and at last when google.com will open, google.com will find the VPN name say VPN Z and as google.com has passed through many VPNs so VPN Z will find it is VPN Y and process will continue with multiple VPNs and this is the simple concept of onion routing. In onion routing VPNs are not fixed or which VPN has to use for the next process, in this way routing is formed in which tracking or backtracking is most difficult. You can set up your system by taking multiple VPNs. In this process of using multiple VPNs the internet speed becomes very slow as it is processing through many VPNs and this lead to connection time-out. In Tor browsing, multiple VPNs are used and after every certain period, your IP address will be changed because you are using multiple VPNs.

It is advised not to use the dark web as much illegal work like drug dealing, hacking is carried out on this web. Top security agencies of the world use Tor as their tool to trap criminals. You can say it is a gateway that brings criminals under investigation. Access to a dark web may lead to hacking your system. It should be strictly followed not to use the dark web under any circumstances. Never open your banking sites, Gmail, Face-book on the dark web. But for the knowledge, you should know what dark

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