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Elon musk isn't the only one who believes in the future with humanoid robots. The development of humanoid robots is underway around the world and this year we saw several new options. Let see.



Recently the humanoid robot, Tocabi, has made its debut at the ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition. The robot was created by an interdisciplinary team of scientists from the Dynamic Robotic systems laboratory at the Seoul University and the industrial design group at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The robot is 1.8 meters tall weighs 100 kilograms and the joints have 33 degrees of freedom.
Tocabi Robot - Advanced Tech World

Tocabi uses a torque system control that determines where it needs to move before calculating and controlling required energy for the engines, this approach is much safer for human interaction with a robot than traditional control methods used on industrial manipulators. Potentially Tocabi has many applications from rescue robots to work avatars and other heavy and dangerous jobs at CES 2022


BEOMNI 1.0 Robot

The robot Beomni 1.0, by beyond imagination, debuted the developers claim that their robot is the world's first full-featured robotic system of general purpose allowing high-precision remote work from anywhere in the world with like a human-like body and opposable thumbs. The robot can take a pinch of salt or lift a weight of up to 16 kilograms in each hand. Over time researchers expect beomni to evolve from a robot avatar to a fully autonomous machine. It's also reported that the robot has an artificial intelligence that allows it to learn through the details that are kept secret by researchers. The omni can work from its replacement battery from four to eight hours and in addition can overcome low curbs move through snow sand and dirt. 

Advanced Tech World - Beomni Robot
Beomni Robot


Also at CES 2022 the robot Ameca from Engineered Arts which shared with attendees the incredibly realistic facial expressions. The modular robot is not yet able to walk but the company is working on it but the artificial intelligence development engineers left to a third-party stakeholder. We've talked in detail about the robot and the platform on which it was created on this site but it wasn't just a humanoid robot that surprised us this year.



Hyundai last month announced the launch of the production of its concept stand-alone 4x4 car with robotic legs. The tiger and elevate models will be manufactured at the new Hyundai ultimate mobility vehicles plant with a surface area of 1400 square meters. The elevate concept was first introduced at CES in 2019. The rover can not only ride but also walk on rugged terrain climbing and descending on rocky slopes, four electronically driven wheels are fitted on robotic legs with multiple hinges allowing them to bend and rotate at different points. The tiger concept introduced last year is a smaller truck for remote management and potential applications in space exploration mining logistics and construction. Tiger will be made of composite materials with part of those parts printed on a 3d printer. Hyundai will first work on translating the tiger concept into reality and then moved to a larger elevate capable of translating people into the cabin. The company stated that elevate will be created to deal with the difficult road situations and potentially save lives by first responders to natural disasters.


BEX Robot

Kawasaki heavy industries presented at IREX 2022 in Japan and have proposed an even more interesting concept for the transportation of people and goods. The robot goat BEX became the company's first four-legged robot, he can walk across rough terrain carry a weight of up to 100 kilograms on his back or carry a person while the four-legged. Boston dynamics designed primarily for factories the BEX is designed for field conditions namely agriculture, it's also interesting to note that the Capricorn robot is a transformer, he can kneel and move with the built-in wheels covering long distances on smooth roads. The robot can be controlled with a tablet built-in control panel or as a horse turning the steering wheel in the direction the robot needs to go judging by the sluggishness effects. So far the robot is still at an early stage of development. However Kawasaki is relentlessly developing its robotics direction including humanoid robotics. 


Bex Robot
Bex Robot - Early Development stage



Another interesting novelty of the year was the two-wheeled robot Diablo from the team Direct Drive Tech featured at the international exhibition ICRA 2022 lightweight, fast, stable and maneuverable and able to overcome obstacles. The robot with six engines is positioned as an open research platform it can squat overcome curbs and low obstacles as well the question of the use of the robot remains open. According to the site Diablo could carry a basket for four parcels, a propeller for flights a lantern and camera for shooting and the inspection of other kinds of user equipment, now the company accepts orders from interested parties at a price of only two thousand dollars.


ADAM Robot

The price of the Adam robot by Rich Tech Robotics is not yet known although it's already working in the robotic coffee shop yummy future also debuted at CES 2022. Adam is a two-armed coffee robot that stands out from the competition with an interesting design. The robot's hands move simultaneously and independent of each other so they can juggle several things at the same time. It takes less than 30 seconds for Adam to prepare a cup of coffee and the robot can work for 24 hours without a break requiring only one or two hours of maintenance per day robocoffing offers over 1000 different beverage combinations and includes cupboards for confectionery. According to the developers the robot is fully autonomous accurate and intellectualized but also supports cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and the possibility of upgrading via wireless networks.



The Dallara AV-21 did not debut this year but was upgraded a month ago allowing it to set a new speed record for self-driving cars accelerating to a whopping 309 kilometers per hour. The drone is built on the chassis of the Indy lights car and is equipped with a 2-liter AER P63 turbocharger with a yield of about 450 horsepower. The main difference from the conventional mono class machines is the presence of a powerful computing platform and a set of sensors for orientation in space. The machine is equipped with steering control shape, your space drive three lidars, six cameras radar detectors and inertial meters for real-time computing. The AV-21 uses an artificial intelligence controller, Roboco, is developed for the indy autonomous challenge and robo race. 


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