5G – The Next Generation Network

5G – The Next Generation Network


5G Network - Symbol
Before 5G we had 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. In 1G we made calls, in 2G we got GPRS (General Package Radio Service), in 3G we got some fast internet speed and about 4G which is present status in India we know all about this. 

But what is in 5G which will increase speed so that we can complete our work very fast? Here speed is not only matters there are many features and speed is one of them. 5G is going to be very fast while comparing with 4G. The minimum speed expected by experts is 1 Gbps and it may be more than this. Latency is going to minimum or it may be negligible, whenever we click on a link or something else on internet there is some delay which is generally faced by consumers, in 5G this will not occur and beside this complete network capacity will be increased. Generally it happens whenever we enter crowded place mobile shows full network strength but whenever we tried to make a call or data usage it get failed, this issue will not be faced in 5G. Beside data speed all electronic devices which uses network are going to enhance. This will revolutionize the world and IoT (Internet of Things) will be effectively used. A doctor can make a successful surgery from 1000 of kilometers away. This is all due to negligible latency. The gaming world will change, cloud gaming will become popular whether you have a good smart phone or not you can enjoy good quality of games only thing you need is high speed internet. There are many fields like AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), and Cloud Computing etc which will enhance our lives after launching of 5G.

5G - The Next Generation Network

Now  questions arises what are the features that are not in 4G which makes 5G demanding before launching?

The first feature is operating frequency; the operating frequency of 5G is completely different from 4G. In 5G we use things in two categories. The first operating frequency range is 600 MHz to 6 GHz, in this range WI-Fi 4G are considered. But if I tell you about other side of 5G i.e. the higher frequency bandwidth which spans from 24 GHz to 86 GHz. The network capacity will be at it best performance. Everyone will be surrounded by full of features there will be many advantages except the range; the range will be less than that of 4G network. In 5G we will see attenuation of the waves and in this every region will be surrounded by tower close to each other but the size of the tower will be minimized and the modules dealing with 5G will be present everywhere, by this way a network like web will established which will help people. The main advantage of 5G is that efficiency of network will be increased by beam forming. Now in 4G signal from tower is emitted continuously, it doesn’t matter which device is using or not, but in 5G intensity will be increased and it will sent smartly to device using the network, but it will cost you by buying new hardware, existing phones and devices will not support 5G and these devices and phone will be expensive. There are many companies are doing research to avail these devices/phones at a reasonable price.

In India the service will take some time as many things are pending and in this everyone should wait and watch the scenario. It may happen that the service will be launched in some metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai like in case of 4G and 3G also.

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