Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence 

During World War II, the first human computer was made purposely to decode German communication (Enigma) and Alan Turing played an important role in this game. In 1950 it was Alan Turing who published the paper “I propose to consider the question. Can machines think? Still we are finding the answer to this question. What we want? Actually we want to make a machine which could  think, behave and work like human beings. Ultimately we want to make intelligent systems. Our future is going to depend on these smart systems. For example everyone is using a smart phones and in these smart phones a very useful application is provided which we called Google assistant, Siri or Alexa, what we do with these applications, we ask our query and this application process our query through NLP (Natural Language processing) and it also gives solution to problem. Google is not handling data in GB or TB (Terabyte), it is handing data in Petabytes and Exabytes. In this large amount of data solution to our problem is being solved within milliseconds. How is it possible? All these stuffs are backed by algorithms of Artificial Intelligence. Beside these take example of smart cars or smart homes. Tesla company had made smart cars more than 50000 which are driverless in USA. You have to only sit in these cars and select your destiny. How to steer, when to brake, when to accelerate, where to stop, which route has to be follow etc. you need not to tell anyone of above mentioned commands. The car is performing all these function on its own programming and algorithms of AI made for that car. Whenever we drive many questions arises in our mind like which route is to be followed, which road is safe etc. similarly we want that our car should be perspective in nature and takes decision as we take. We want to make machines with decision making capabilities. We are not discussing that decision will be good or bad. And Artificial Intelligence is working for this. Artificial Intelligence is just trying to break the barrier between humans and robots. There are tremendous amount of learning algorithms, search sorting algorithms, reasoning algorithms which are working for artificial intelligence. Take one more example of Netflix or YouTube. What we get after watching some movies/episodes or something else, recommendation notifications starts to display on our screen which are based on our interest or you can say behavior, means on the basis what you likes or dislikes on social media advertisement get started. In these cases artificial intelligence is analyzing you completely and impacting your decision. This is the artificial intelligence on which our whole future is going to depend. 

Machine learning Vs Artificial intelligence.

Machine learning: 

A Humanoid Robot
Machine learning is a part of Artificial intelligence but both are different in many ways. In machine learning we teach a machine to take decisions, take example of phone camera and you want that this camera should identify a dog then what will you do? You would simply show the pictures of different types of dogs with different angles and places, in this case your camera will make some algorithms to identify dogs. And by experience camera will learn to identify dog due to algorithm which it made. With time this will become expert to identify dogs but when a cat is in front of camera the algorithm will fail to identify because it never made algorithms about identification of cats. Exactly same thing happens in machine learning. Here one topic is targeted and machine improves its performance. For example if you made software to identify your writings, you will process your software through different types of fonts and sizes to recognize your writing and with time your software will perform very well. But what happen if someone or you typed in Hindi, software will be failed or crashed. 


In machine learning we are specializing a machine which is solely depends on an algorithm that is developed by that machined by its experience.

Artificial intelligence:

In AI the system is more intelligent than Machine learning system. AI is not analyzing a single characteristic but it can analyze more and can input various commands like humans creativity. In Artificial system the system will analyze the situations and will take decision. There are different types of AI like weak AI and strong AI. Weak AI is not so powerful and they work on limited scale but if talk about strong AI then these systems are more powerful and hi-tech advanced. In this case if you teach your camera to identify dog and someone put a cat against it then AI system will try find out about new creature. And it may define this new situation.
Many phone companies lure customers that their phone is enabled with artificial intelligence which is fake on very large scale.

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