Warp Drive : Journey To The Future

Warp Drive : Journey To The Future 

A warp drive is a fictional superluminal spacecraft propulsion system and is subject of ongoing physics research. A spacecraft equipped with warp drive may travel at speeds greater than speed of light by many orders of magnitude. The concept was fictional but not now. At least in theory warp drive is possible. Yes you read it right. Warp drive is possible in theories now. Two astrophysicists – the Swedish Alexey Bobrick and Italian Gianni Martire have described the first feasible model of warp drive to a spacecraft. The concept of warp drive was first shown in TV series Star Trek in which spaceship travels at a super speed using a special kind of mechanism.


In practice it is not the speed that makes aircraft to travel forward but it is the deformation in space time by creating a distortion that shortens the distance to be travelled. In spacecraft based on warp drive, the spacecraft engine contracts the space in front of spacecraft and expand it behind the spacecraft. To understand the concept, a let a ant has to cover a length inside a elastic tube, then in normal case the ant would cover a certain distance in certain time at a specific speed. But assume somehow elastic tube is contracted so that ant covers the contracted distance. In this case length get shortens and covers distance less than actual. The similar concept was shown in TV series Star Trek.


Bobrick & Martire made their warp drive model from studies carried out by physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1990s. The Alcubierre theory was name given to the theory and it hypothesized that the negative energy would contract the space time but the problem with Alcubierre theory was that it doesn’t predict how much amount of negative energy is needed to do that or what amount of negative energy is needed to contract space time. To overcome the problem, two physicists replace the negative energy with the gravitational energy.


According to their study published in IOP science – a massive gravitational force could be sufficient to dilate and contract the space around aircraft and to achieve this planet sized mass to be inserted in warp drive based engine as a fuel. But practically it is beyond the current capabilities of science and engineering. But the fact is that it is a feasible mode.


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