United States Sixth Generation Fighter Aircraft - NGAD Program


United States Sixth Generation Fighter Aircraft

Finally the United States Air Force divulged its mysterious sixth generation fighter jet to replace the F-22 raptor. The United States Air Force shockingly revealed it had designed built and tested a secret new fighter jet in the span of just one year. The mysterious fighter is part of the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) program; an air force project designed to supplement and eventually replace the F-22 raptor. Beyond admitting the plane exists and uses F-1 style engineering the air force has told us little else about its Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) fighter but the service might have just dropped, its most concrete clue yet intriguing concept art of a fighter aircraft being built under the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) program.


The aircraft is depicted as a large diamond-shaped fighter jet with large engine air intakes over the airplane's wing trailing to the left and right of the cockpit where the intakes would be shielded from the radar, from below the aircraft also features two engines a bubble canopy cockpit and two vertical stabilizers that can be retracted to fold flat into the wings what the NGAD section of the report says designed to complement the F-35, F-22 joint and partner forces in the air superiority role next generation air dominance is an advanced aircraft program for development of penetrating counter air platforms with multi-domain awareness. Agile resilient communications and an integrated family ofcapabilities, the air force developed the secret fighter jet with digitalengineering technology designed to dramatically shorten the development time of new aircraft digital engineering involves the use of virtual modeling and simulation tools NGAD's ability to rapidly absorb new complex upgrades may be partly due to digital engineering. The blended body and wing configuration would yield a large internal volume that could store fuel and weapons carried in internal weapons bays. 


F22 Raptor - Air Superiority Fighter

The United Air Force reportedly wants a fighter with the range to accompany bombers into deep penetration missions just as the P51D Mustang flew alongside the B17G flying fortress in world war two, that requires a fighter with a large internal fuel supply the NGAD fighter wouldn't work alone in the concept art two vertical lines emanate from the aircraft nose and are aimed upward indicating connections to satellite and airborne communications nodes that would allow the NGAD pilot to jack into a stream of data from nearby friendly forces from air force airborne early warning aircraft to navy destroyers and obtain a picture of the battlefield without turning on his or her own radar and other sensor systems. 


F22 - Checks Before Take-off


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