Why USA is not selling F-22 Raptor to other countries?

F-22 Raptor

What makes F22 a most advance fifth generation fighter aircraft?

F-22 Raptor is the world’s first fifth generation fighter aircraft. It is jointly manufactured by the giants Lockheed Martin Corporation and Boeing of United States. F-22 Raptor is a twin engine, single seated, all weather and stealth air superiority aircraft. This aircraft was manufactured for the purpose to induct in USAF. An advanced tactical fighter aircraft program was launched by United States, in this program USA needed an aircraft with air superiority role along with abilities of ground attack, electronic warfare and signal intelligence. As a result F22 was designed by Lockheed Martin Corporation. Airframe and weapon system for aircraft was manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corporation while the wings, fuselage, avionics and training facilities were designed by Boeing. You can think the importance aircraft as two leading companies in field of aerospace were engaged in manufacturing aircraft. This aircraft has many versions with name F22, F/A 22, etc. and finally when the aircraft inducted in fleet, F22-A name is given. But world knows it as F22 Raptor. You can take idea of sophistication and technology used in aircraft that no aircraft is made which can challenge this jet plane. When the plane was in its design phase Russia and China were also engaged in designing their respective aircraft which could challenge F22 and program cost was increased many times to keep this project secret. Beside this when next generation aircraft  F35 was entered in service, which is more advance than F35, popularity of F22 was reduced and in 2009 it was decided to produce only 187 aircraft. Last F22 inducted in US air force in year 2012. Many people thought that F22 program was terminated due to F35 entry. Truth behind this thought no one knows beside this many experts believe that F22 is more advance than F35 again no one knows the reality except users/developers. US never want to take risk for secrecy of technology used in F22 which may be the possible reason to terminate F22 program. Blueprints and data for F22 have been destroyed as per experts to keep secrecy. Operational cost of F22 is very high also it takes about 24-48 hours to fly again which irritates officials. US never shared a single F22 to its closer allies like Australia, Canada, Britain, etc. on the other hand US agreed to manufacture F35 with Italy, Turkey, etc. This alludes us that how F22 is more important to US than F35. 

F-22 Raptor

Technical Specifications:

F22 is a fifth generation, twin engine, single seated, all weather, multirole stealth aircraft. Its length is about 18 meters with wingspan of 13.5 meters and height about 5 meters. The aircraft weighs 19,700 kg in unloaded condition while loaded weight 29,410 kg and maximum take-off weight is 38000 kg.  The jet is powered with two Pratt and Whitney F119 PW 100 turbo engines which include thrust vectoring capacity. Its dry thrust is 116 kN while after burning thrust is 156 kN. If someone talks about its performance then its maximum speed at high altitude is Mach 2.25 and its cruising speed is Mach 1.8, it covers the range of 2960 km with two external fuel tanks. The combat radius for aircraft is 852 km, its service ceiling is about 20000 meters means probability to shot down aircraft in a dogfight is very less. The rate of climb is also appreciable. The g-factor for the aircraft is +9g and – 3g.

Weapon System

The aircraft is equipped with 20 mm M61A2 rotator barrel cannon which can fire 480 rounds. The cannon are mounted in the forward section of airplane. The rate of fire for cannon equipped in aircraft is very high in comparison to others which make it to shot down another jet easily in dogfight. The airplane is also equipped with M120 Amram air to air missiles which a long range missile. Four hard-points are provided in this aircraft which enhances the weapon capacity of airplane.

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