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Did you guys remember the time when we used to watch movies on DVDs and CD players, but that has changed because now we have everything at our fingertip, thank to technology and technological advancements that have changed our lives and never stops surprising us. With this in mind let take a look at top ten technologies that will change our world in future.
Virtual Reality

10. Array of Things (AoT)

Have you wondered what would happen if you had all the information about your city like whether  you need an umbrella today, the best route to take out of traffic jam and the most peaceful park to visit for getting some fresh air. Now having such information would definitely makes our life easier. AoT or Array of Things is one such project that is aiming to develop such smart cities using a network of sensors, now these sensors are going to collect real time data about the environment like temperature, climate and basically every activity happening in your city. It is then going to provide data to the residence and policy makers so that city can offer better services. Now currently this project is being implemented in Chicago where the sensors are mounted on towers, electric poles, traffic signals and everywhere around the city. Now these sensors are built to understand daily challenges that people can face like air pollution, traffic and natural calamities and the goal is to fix the problem by improving the surrounding on the basis of data that are received from sensors. Now if some dealing with asthma and wants to avoid polluted air, the sensors can warn him about the area that has bad air quality. 

 9. Genetic Fortune Telling

Next I am going to talk about genetic fortune telling. In near future there a time will come in which a new born baby will receive first report card as soon as they are born. Now this is like an ordinary report card, it is a DNA report that will predict new ones IQ, hobby, interest and more importantly the chances of getting heart attack, acquiring cancer, taking drugs, etc. The genetic Fortune Teller basically analyzes the pattern of genes to make predictions after this it will generate polygenic risk score which will create the probability of acquiring major diseases. Now this technology needs a little more advancement in order to be more precise about prediction. But in near future we will definitely witness how genetic fortune telling will be great public health advancement. 

8. Hyper-loop

What do you say if I say to travel 600 miles in just 30 minutes? First thing that will pop in your mind is probably time portals. But I am talking about hyper-loop. A hyper-loop is a super high speed transportation system. In this system the pod carrying passengers travel through tubes or tunnels from which most of the air has been removed to reduce friction. Rather than using wheels like a train or car, the pods are designed to float on air rails. First this idea was conceived by Elon Musk in 2012 and later in 2014 in company called virgin hyper-loop one started working on project. Now currently building the hyper-loop is based on simple principles that we learned in 8th standard physics. First principle is magnetic levitation where two sets of magnets are used. First magnet is used to repel train from the track and second is to move floating train along the track at a considerable speed. Now the second principle is to remove the most of the air from the loop in order to reduce air resistance. By using these simple two rules hyper-loop can revolutionize the transportation system.

7. Self Driving Cars

Do you alcohol limitless and want to drive your car driverless, take a relax at backside of your car. What about if I tell you take rest at back of your car and your car will drive to you at work. I am talking about self driving cars which are the future of personal transportation. They operate without any human control and it is good thing, according to a recent survey approximately 94 % of accidents occurs due to human errors. Now this technology has been implemented by various companies one of which is Tesla. Tesla self driving cars employs hi-tech cameras as car’s eye to navigate the car and monitor the surroundings in order to prevent collision. Now this technology is also beneficial for under privileged age people who cannot drive.

6. 3D Printer

Have you have dreamt of a toy factory, well 3D printers are going to fulfill our wish. 3D printers are the machines that makes the copies of anything only this time in 3D. Now 3D printers are already in use for building jewels and practically anything. This technology is developing advancements in speed and material capability after which it will revolutionize the manufacturing units and near future we will also see 3D printers which will bring the huge change in field of agriculture.

5. Commercial Space Exploration

This technology is one of my favorite one. Now with commercial space exploration which is one of most awaited technological advancements by which we can now go on vacations to outer space. Now space-x is sending two tourist to moon which will be first commercial space trip for vacation. Of course ticket will be going to expensive but who doesn’t like adventure.

4. 5th Gen Wireless

Next technology is 5th generation wireless mobile networks which will provide ten time faster communication and it can handle thousand time more traffic than usual LTE. Let me tell you the astonishing fact about this technology. Expected maximum speed for this network is 20 GB/sec. Now this is sufficient to download 10 movies in one second.  Now unlike before  when mobile networks were used to handle cell phones to which we just browse the web and send few text messages but time has changed. Now we have HD streaming smart phones, smart watches, self driving cars and other appliances which requires a better and faster network connection like 5th gen wireless network.

3. Computer Vision

The main aim to use this technology is to see the visual world and interpreted as human world. Let me tell you that we have surpassed this goal and through computer vision machines can see things that human cannot such as temperature, air qualities and etc. Now in recent years a lot of advancement in computer vision especially in field of image processing. Now this is using in self driving car apart from that the filter used on instagram pictures are also a part computer vision. This is one of the fastest growing technology in today’s modern world. Further advancement in this technology will definitely trains the computers to do every things. 

2. Generative Adversarial Network.

Have even been fooled into buying a fake pair of shoes? While generative adversarial network are just like the shopkeepers who generate fake copies of shoe and you are discriminator network that tries to distinguish between fake and branded shoes. Now the basic idea behind this technology is for generate a model to try to trick the discriminate a model. Now it does by creating and refining styles until a discriminator model can no longer spot the difference between a generated fake object and the real object. This new technology can be used to create new enemy character based on existing character and most importantly it can be used to train a self driving car by creating fake accident scenarios and train it to avoid such situations. Now such an advancement will definitely make a self driven car are the future of personal transportation system.

    1. Mixed Reality

This technology is going to change the whole world. Mixed reality is the merging of real and virtual world to produce new environment and visualizations by physical and digital object that can co-exist and interact in real time. Past few decades of computing and internet have been limited to flat 2D screens in laptops tablets etc. but the rise of mixed reality means that society will soon move beyond this screen by user interface won’t be a flat piece of glass but the physical 3D space in which we live and move around. The famous example of mixed reality is pokemon go in which millions of people go miles of away  to capture digital monsters. With this technology the meaning of entertainment will be changed.

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