Which Missile Defence System is better Russia's S-400 or THAAD of USA?

 S-400 Vs. THAAD

Today we are going to explore the missile defense system of US and Russia. THAAD is the missile defense system of US while S400 and S500 are missile defense system of Russia. First we will explore America’s missile defense system THAAD. 

THAAD stands for Terminal High Altitude Area Defence and this is a anti-ballistic missile defense system means it is specially designed to counter ballistic missiles. This system is capable to engage short range as well as intermediate range ballistic missiles. This system is manufactured by American company Lockheed martin and was deployed in US army in year 2008. On other hand S400 was designed especially as anti-aircraft weapon system and this missile defense system is capable to engage strategic bomber aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft, early warning radar aircraft and even stealth aircraft of enemy. It can also engage short range cruise missile as well as ballistic missiles with range of 3500 km. S400 missile defense system is manufactured by company MKB Fakel and was deployed in Russian military in year 2007. S500 is an upgraded version of S400. As per experts and company S500 missile defense system can engage intercontinental ballistic missiles along with hyper sonic aircraft. However this version is still under development stages and expected that it will be deployed in Russian forces by year 2020. It we talk about basic characteristics, it will resembles like US THAAD.
Missile launch from a Missile Defence System
Missile Lauch


THAAD missile defense system is capable of destroying target with speed of mach 8.24 and maximum operational range 200 km also this system can destroy intermediate range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase. But this system is only designed to counter ballistic missiles and like S400 this missile defense system cannot target/engage advance aircrafts like FGFA while S400 is capable of destroying target with speed of mach 14 and maximum operational range. S400 missile defense system can engage aircraft and missiles but the accuracy to destroy ballistic missiles is less than THAAD missile defense system while the advance version of S400 i.e. S500 is more advance system than both THAAD and S400 because it has operational range of 600 km and easily engage short range as well as hyper sonic cruise missiles. Currently Lockheed martin is working on upgrade version of THAAD and the area of hyper sonic weapons are the subject of focus. S500 is superior to both THAAD and S400 but this version is in under development stage while other two systems are completely developed and are in service. 

If you are comparing S400 and THAAD then remember, even if THAAD and S400 are missile defense system but the purpose to design and manufacture was different. THAAD is especially designed to anti-ballistic missile while S400 is designed as anti-aircraft weapon system along with features to engage ballistic missiles as well as cruise missiles. S400 can engage 80 targets at a single time on other hand THAAD is designed to counter only ballistic missiles beside this no especial feature is added to the system. Also THAAD cannot engage multiple targets like S400 at a single time. 


Keeping all the features in mind explored above it can be said that S400 missile defense system is more advance than THAAD .

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