Amazing Facts # 02


Amazing facts #2

Facts That Physics Cannot Explain


Force Unification: One of the main things that scientists who study quantum mechanics are trying to solve is the question of how the four fundamental forces were created and whether or not they can be combined. Some renditions of Big Bang Theory are built around the idea that all four fundamental forces i.e. gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force all came from same source and were perhaps ‘one’ in the beginning. Using powerful particle accelerator collider like Large Hadron Collider physicists have been able to combine electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear force and in the process it took insane amount of energy in trillions of electron volts and it is calculated that it will take more power if they wanted to merge gravity with other three.


Parallel universe: 

There are some scientists who still remain maintain that space time is curved, but the latest data collected by the astrophysicists suggests that time is flat and stretches into infinity. Meanwhile when looking at small side of things the rules of quantum level say that there are only so many transformations for particles or in other words if time is infinite what can make universe finite. These theories when combined bring us to the possible conclusion that our universe is only one out of a potentially infinite amount of parallel universe.



Light from sound: 

If you shoot sound waves in water with enough force you can actually create bubbles in the water by displacing water for a moment. When these bubbles collapse they do so with an extremely intense amount of energy and this energy for fractions of a fraction of a second creates a flash of light and heat upwards 1000 degrees. The physicists have real explanation for how and why this occurs. There are some theories but none of which claims its evidence.




String Theory:  

To establish and prove theory of everything has been long the Holy Grail sought after by physicists from Isaac Newton to Einstein and beyond. One such theory that became a leading candidate to explain everything is that is string theory. String theory posits that everything in the universe is when reduced to its simplest form is made of one dimensional particle called strings. These strings vibrate and interact with each other forming the building blocks for everything such as light, gravity and matter, though scientists have found evidence of quantum particles that are essential to the theory. There is currently no way to see these infinitesimal strings or proof they exists by other means and there may never be.


Into Darkness: 

Astrophysicists and astronomers have studied black holes for years, they have an idea how they form and can estimate their potential power but we may never know what goes on inside a black hole. These monster forms from collapsed stars are so powerful that not even the fastest know thing in the universe, light, can be escape their clutches. Quantum mechanics postulates that quantum information of something or evidence of what has happened or will happen to a particle cannot be destroyed. However if a particle drops into the black hole the forces are so strong that in theory that the particle will be able to escape therefore information is destroyed. In order to solve and try this puzzle which is known as information paradox, physicists like Stephen Hawking have gone through piles and chalks. The best solution they came up is that information never really gets fully sucked into black hole but instead sits on black hole’s event horizon. 

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