Amazing Facts # 01


Amazing Facts # 01

1. A hacker named Jan Krissler was able to recreate the finger of a German defense minister from photograph. This is the same hacker who defeated Apple’s fingerprint verification within 24 hours of the release of the i-phone 5S in 2013. 


2. The color which we see when we close our eyes is called Eigengrau which is different form black. 


3. At least half of oxygen of earth comes from ocean not trees tiny aquatic plants called phytoplankton live near the surface of water drift with the currents and do generally what plants do make oxygen as a byproduct of taking in sunlight and carbon dioxide. 


4. You Fart after you die: Any gas being held inside by clenched muscle get released. Gases also build up from bacteria and decomposition so there is more where that they came from.


5. Microbiologists at university of Ohio says that the number of bacterial cells in body as there are human cells however this is a good thing as we need most of those bacteria. The overwhelming majority of them are beneficial.


6. 10% to 20% of Europeans are naturally immune to HIV virus due to a genetic mutation. Scientists believe that their mutation was a result of all plagues in the middle ages. So your ancestors survived the time of black death and the pox and today you are immune to HIV.


7. The world’s smallest operating system is kolibri with size 1.44 mb GUI base OS requires 8mb RAM and 1 mb disk space to run.



8. A “LYNCHNOBITE” is someone who sleeps all day and works at night. 


9. The human stomach can dissolve the razor blade.


10. A cloud can weigh over a million pounds.


11. The first electronic computer ENIAC weighed more than 27 tons and took up 1800 square feet.


12. TYPEWRITER is the longest word that you can write using the letters only on one row of the keyboard of your computer.   


13. Doug Engelbart invented the first computer mouse in around 1964 which was made of wood.


14. There are more than 5000 new computer viruses released every month.



15. If there was a computer as powerful as the human brain, it would be able to do 38 thousand trillion operations per second and hold more than 3580 terabytes of memory.


16. The password for the computer controls of nuclear tipped missiles of the U.S was 00000000 for eight years.


17. HP, Microsoft and Apple have one very interesting thing in common – they were all started in a garage.


18. The first 1GB hard disk drive was announced in 1980 which weighed about 550 pounds, and had a price tag of $40, 000.


19. The original name of windows was Interface Manager.


20. The first microprocessor created by Intel was the 4004. It was designed for a calculator, and in that time nobody imagined where it would lead.


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