What is Quantum Computer?

Quantum Computer

What is Quantum Computer?

What are quantum computers and how do they work? I think many of us know about quantum computers. There are many articles on internet and videos on you that will tell you that quantum computer can be used to make robots, it may boost up processing power also it can be used to contact aliens – that seems strange. The students who love gaming know that quantum computer can make gaming faster. 

Quantum Computing

Let discuss all the facts and misconceptions about the quantum computers and how it is different from classic computer. 

Quantum Computer
In classic computer data transmission or storage is in form of binary language i.e. 01001001 etc. The different combination of 0 and 1 gives different data. Our classic computer doesn’t understand alphabets which are root of language, it only understands binary language in form of pulses and we call it as bits. In binary language 0 and 1 are completely different in order of there working. But a quantum computer works differently, silicon chips are not used in quantum computers as usually classic computer works. There is a subatomic particle which is called as electron. This electron is responsible for many physical and chemical phenomena like electricity, chemical reactions etc. In quantum computer data transmission takes place in form of electron. As electron is very small particle, the quantum computers may be very small. The bit of quantum computer is called as QBIT, in QBIT there exists simultaneously two values – up signal and down signal, it means a QBIT of quantum computer may denote two things which is double of classic computer. In classic computer if we choose 0 and 1 we can make 4 combinations which you have read in earlier classes similarly in quantum computers two QBITS can make various combinations, here the game is played by the variations and combinations that could be made by two QBITS, that’s why quantum computer may perform multitask as compare to classic computer. There is a misconception that quantum computer may lead to very fast working/processing of our day to day work if we use quantum computer in our life. This is pure misconception see why. The quantum computers are used for a specific work, they are not for casual works of our daily life. The quantum computers may handle and process multiple tasks at a time. In quantum computer work is processed by 8 while in classic computers it is limited up-to 2. You can understand it as – think quantum computer is factory with 8 worker while classic computer is with 2 workers. Now suppose a work is given to both i.e. classic computer and quantum computer, you can see that quantum computer will do it fast as comparing to classic computer.

Like in weather forecasting of a country we have to take data from different regions/state of the country here the regions are divided and data is to be processed in this case quantum computers will be useful. Can we make contact with aliens? Answer is yes. It can be used to decode various scriptures. And this is field where research is carried out. 

A quantum computer cannot replace a classic computer and the working principle for both the computer is different.


In classic computer game is played by and 0 and 1 while in quantum computer the game is played by QBIT. This QBIT shows two properties up and down while in classic computer it will be 0 or 1. Here the QBIT is showing two different properties and you know that electron exhibits magnetic properties and that’s why it can handle multiple tasking.

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