Technologies That Will Change 2021.

Artificial intelligence was coined in 1955 to introduce new discipline of computer science, it is rapidly and radically changing the various areas of our daily lives as market for AI technology is demanding and flourishing. Now there is significant race between many startups and internet giants to acquire them. As all we know that AI is expanding and growing everyday literally taking over every sector or it is spreading over every possible industries now. Let have a look at top trending technology of AI in 2020. 

10. RPA 

RPA or Robotic Process Automation. Now Rapid Process Automation refers to functioning of corporate processes due to  human task and automates them. Now in this particular spear it is important to bear in mind that AI is not meant to replace human intelligence, but in support and compliment their skills and talent. Now many companies work on this. Now RPA along with AI takes care of customer services, accounting, financial services, healthcare, human resources, supply chain management and a lot more. But these are definitely some of the important aspects of RPA or Robotic Process Automation. Now let’s move on next. 

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9. Text Analytics & NLP

Now Natural Language Processing or NLP focuses on the interaction of human languages and the computers. It uses the text analytics to analyze the structural sentences as well as the interpretation and intention through machine learning. This technology is widely used in fraud detection and for security systems. Many automated assistance and applications derives unstructured data by NLP. 

8. Biometrics

Now bio-metrics is definitely a very common term to all of us right now because we use our fingerprints on the bio-metric and also face detection in order to unlock our phone/laptop. Bio-metrics deals with recognition, measurements and analysis of physical features of body structure form and human behavior. It fastens the interaction between human and machines as it works with touch, image and body language. Also predominantly it is used for market research. 

7. Cyber defense

This is one of the trending technologies in domain of AI because it is one of the important ones with the increasing number of cyber attacks, so cyber defense becomes one of the important in order to save our systems and confidential data. Now cyber defense is computer defense mechanism that aims to detect, prevent and mitigate attacks and threats to data and infrastructure of systems. Neural networks that are capable of processing sequences of inputs can be put to use along with machine learning techniques to create learning technologies in order to reveal suspicious user activities and detects cyber threats. 

6. Decision Management


Now artificially intelligent machines have the capability of introducing logic to AI systems in order to gear them up to be used for training, maintenance and tuning.  Now in order to add value to business and profitable decision management is already being used by many organizations by incorporating it into their applications to propel and execute automatic decisions. 

5. Marketing Automation


Marketing has definitely one of the popular strategies for anything that you produce, create, and built right now because the right kind of marketing can make your products successful. Now marketing automation just makes this work simple and better. Now the marketing division has adopted AI and benefited a lot of in return, methods incorporating AI through automated customer segmentation, customer data integration and campaign management are widely used. In future most of the companies will relies on the automation and it exactly makes it one of the most trending technologies in AI.

4. Digital twin

This is one of the newest and interesting concepts of artificial intelligence. Now digital twins are virtual replica of physical devices that data scientist and IT professionals can use to run simulations before actual devices can built and deployed. They are also changing how technologies such as IoT, AI as analytics are optimized. Now digital twin technology has moved beyond the manufacturing and into the emerging world of the IoT, AI and data analytics. 


3. IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

IIoT which is Industrial Internet of Things refers to the extension and use of Internet of Things in industrial sectors and applications. The IIoT encompasses industrial applications including robotics, medical devices and software defined production processes. Now both IIoT and IoT have same characteristics of availability, intelligence and connected devices the only difference between them is their general usages, while IoT is generally used for consumer usage IIoT is used for industrial purpose such as manufacturing, supply chain management system. This technology is absolutely for advanced industries thus one of most trending technology in AI right now. 

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2. Virtual Agents

This is very common to all of us because in our everyday life while booking a flight ticket or ordering a food, anytime we need help, actually you are taking to virtual agents online. Now virtual agent is basically a computer generated animated artificial intelligence virtual character that acts as online customer service representatives. It leads intelligent conversations with users’ response to their passions and also performs adequate non verbal behavior. The introduction of virtual agents has been very helpful as it has reduced the work of human beings and also provides assistance anytime anywhere. 

1. Augmented reality

This is one of fascinating technology in AI right now, augmented reality is an interactive experience of real world environment where the objects that resides in real world are enhanced by computer generated perceptual information. Sometime across multiple sensory modality including visual, auditory and olfactory as well. Now basically augmented reality is technology that superimposes a computer generated image on the users view of real world that provides a composite view of what is happening? If we are comparing VR and AR, VR implies complete immersion experiences that shut out the physical world that’s why it is called as virtual reality, but in AR it adds digital elements to live view often by using camera or a smart phone.

Virtual Reality

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