What Are Side Effects Of Paracetamol or Acetaminophen ?


What Are Side Effects Of Paracetamol or Acetaminophen ?


If you have headache, fever, body pains then one medicine which comes to your mind is Acetaminophen but remember there are side effects of taking Acetaminophen. Yes, that's correct. In this article we are going to talk about what are the side effects of taking the most commonly used drug called Acetaminophen.


Let's talk about when Acetaminophen is usually in cases of mild to moderate pain and in cases where people tend to develop pain after delivery fevers and also in pregnancy statuses. It is also given as a painkiller in conditions where people are allergic to the drug called aspirin bronchial asthma peptic ulcers. So now what is the recommended dosage of Acetaminophen, and the answer is, it varies and as per based upon your body weight. But the most commonly considered dosage is 500 mg, given three times a day as mentioned it again varies depending upon the body type and that particular decision is taken by the treating doctor alone. 



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Now what are the side effects of taking Acetaminophen?


Even in the therapeutic dosages Acetaminophen can cause rashes all over your body and also leads to a condition called nausea that is having a vomiting sensation, so now what to do when you have these symptoms immediately tell this to your treating doctor so that they can decide on your further treatment accordingly and there is also something called acute Acetaminophen poisoning. What is it?  


When you are ingested Acetaminophen  about 4 grams per day or else more than 75 mg per kg body weight it is considered to be Acetaminophen  poisoning. Now what happens in therapeutic dosages when Acetaminophen is being taken at the body there is a compound which is being released inside the body and that will get detoxified and gets sent out from the body but in the overdose cases what happens this particular compound which gets released and which is supposed to be excreted from the body it is not getting excreted it stays back. And what it does by staying back, it stays back and it binds to the proteins in your cells and what happens to the cells after that the cell dies this leads to organ failure mainly the liver failure and also renal failure that is kidney failure so this condition needs to be treated within 16 hours of Acetaminophen  poisoning.


All this could have been avoided how only if you would have considered taking Acetaminophen only under the guidance of a doctor no matter how minor or that is how small or how severe your condition is make sure that you're talking to a doctor immediately and then follow the advice diligently given by the doctor don't forget to like and share the article. 



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